Friday 24 March 2023

Recovering into the weekend

US equity indexes closed on a positive note, SPX +22pts (0.6%) at 3970. Nasdaq comp' +0.3%. Dow +0.4%. The Transports settled +0.1%. R2K +0.9%.

SPX - daily

VIX - daily


US equities opened broadly lower, largely due to European markets. The SPX printed 3909 in late morning, before clawing upward to turn fractionally positive. The mid/late afternoon saw considerable chop, if recovering upward to 3972, and settling at 3970.

Volatility was mixed, the VIX printing an early (cash market) high of 25.08, if cooling back to settle -3.8% to 21.74.

Double rainbow... all the way... across the sky

A fine sunset... just after the storm

The crescent moon and Venus

Next full moon is April 6th



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