Q. What is the 'Tradingsunset.com' website about?

I provide independent research, analysis, and commentary on the world equity/capital markets.

Q. A little background?

Having been lurking in the shadows for three years, in February 2012, I felt it was the right time to begin my own regular postings via http://permabeardoomster.blogspot.com

In May 2016 I began a subscription service at https://permabeardoomster.com, whilst also maintaining a presence at my original home of https://permabeardoomster.blogspot.com

As of Sept'2020, new name - https://tradingsunset.com
New public blog: https://tradingsunset.blogspot.com

Q. Who is yours truly?

I'm just another trader out there in the western world - London, UK, who has a passion for finance and economics. I have more than a quarter century of experience in trading stocks, ETFs, and options.

Whilst I'm not a 'qualified financial adviser', I find it shamefully ironic that most of the mainstream 'experts' never saw coming, either of the giant declines of 2000 or 2008. Such collapse waves were always 'such a surprise', how could they have possibly foreseen it?

Q. What do you recommend or advise?

I never recommend to buy or sell anything. In fact, the only two things I do directly recommend are...
- Never trade/invest on margin.
- Read as much as you can, especially from those websites and people whom you might disagree with.

Q. How may I contact you?

See: https://www.subscriber.tradingsunset.com/contact/

Q. What do you provide as part of the subscription service?
See: https://www.tradingsunset.com/service-posting-schedule/

Q. How do I subscribe?
See: https://www.tradingsunset.com/subscriptions/

Q. Do I offer free trials?

Broadly no, but you can always ask. I usually have one 'open day' each month, where the doors on my subscription site are unlocked, and anyone can follow me across a full trading day.
Page last updated – 30/8/2020