Wednesday 6 March 2024

Bouncing with Powell

US equity indexes closed on a positive note, SPX +26pts (0.5%) at 5104. Nasdaq comp' +0.6%. Dow +0.2%. The Transports settled +0.3%. R2K +0.7%

SPX - daily

VIX - daily


US equities opened moderately higher, with the Powell duly appearing at 10am before the US house...

'Its not my fault'

Equity gains were a little shaky, but with Powell not saying anything stupid, the SPX printed 5127, if cooling back to settle at 5104. Wednesday's candle is black, and leans bearish.  

Volatility was a little mixed, the VIX settling +0.3% to 14.50.

With Mnuchin getting involved with NYCB, the following is even more prescient...

"Long live the banks... long live the banks"

So... which one of the political class is Palpatine? 

Spring is just 15 days away

Extra charts in AH (usually around 5pm EST) @

Goodnight from London


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