Thursday 22 February 2024

Twelve years a posting

US equity indexes closed SPX +105pts (2.1%) at 5087. Nasdaq comp' +3.0%. Dow +1.2%. The Transports settled +1.5%. R2K +0.8%

SPX - daily

VIX - daily


US equities opening significantly higher, with the SPX printing a new hist' high of 5094, and settling at 5087. Volatility was crushed back lower, the VIX settling -5.2% to 14.54.

I present to you, the Biden... 

Funny... if equally pathetic.

Twelve years a posting

Post 1, Feb'22nd 2012...

... back when SPX was printing 1357. 


I've not had a week off since that first post, and it shows, as I'm beyond burnt out. 
Death would be a far better place for yours truly, as life on planet Krazy is more worse with each day. 

Goodnight from London