Thursday 15 February 2024

Thursday upside

US equity indexes closed on a positive note, SPX +29pts (0.6%) at 5029. Nasdaq comp' +0.3%. Dow +0.9%. The Transports settled +0.5%. R2K +2.6%

SPX - daily

VIX - daily


US equities opened a little higher. From there... considerable chop, if leaning upward to 5032, and settling at 5029. Volatility was ground lower for a second day, the VIX settling -2.6% to 14.01.

Most notable today... the NYSE comp' broke a new hist' high.


Spring is coming

Mostly cloudy... if mild, 14c/57f


Moon & Jupiter

Next full moon... Feb'24th

A little closer

Extra charts in AH (usually around 5pm EST) @

Goodnight from London


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