Thursday, 12 November 2020

The Thursday before Friday the Thirteenth

US equity indexes closed broadly lower, sp -35pts (1.0%) at 3537. Nasdaq comp' -0.6%. Dow -1.1%. The Transports settled -1.4%.






US equities opened on a choppy note, and remained that way into late morning.


... as Twitter continue to dispute the US President.


... Wapner is one of many within the mainstream media, slating Trump for not accepting the election result, even though its yet to be finalised. Technically... there is no President Elect.

The early afternoon saw equities take a significant swing lower in early afternoon, and it was at least partly due to comments from Powell, who offered a reminder that the next few months will remain difficult.

The late afternoon saw the SPX print a new intraday low of 3518, but there was a micro ramp in the final 15 minutes to settle at 3537.

Volatility picked up a little, the VIX settling +8.1% to 25.35.


Golden rays of hope

Extra charts in AH (usually around 5pm EST) @

Goodnight from London

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