Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Indexes remaining mixed

US equity indexes closed very mixed, sp +27pts (0.8%) at 3572. Nasdaq comp' +2.0%. Dow -0.1%. The Transports settled -0.7%. 






US equities opened on a positive note, and leaned upward into the afternoon.


US President Trump with VP Pence at Arlington National Cemetery


Its not over

Mainstream talk of SPX>4K is notably increasing...

The bullish Squid

... with Goldman Sachs upgrading the end 2020 target from 3600 to 3700. Considering Monday printed 3645, the 3700s aren't bold.

The afternoon saw further upside to 3581, with a little chop into the close. The indexes remain rather mixed though, with the Nasdaq comp' settling very significantly higher, whilst the Transports was moderately lower.

Volatility was subdued, the VIX settling -5.4% to 23.45. The s/t setup for Thursday will favour the bulls... although it is a Thursday.

Extra charts in AH (usually around 5pm EST) @

Goodnight from London

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