Thursday 16 May 2024

Flying so high

US equity indexes closed a little weak, SPX -11pts (0.2%) at 5297. Nasdaq comp' -0.3%. Dow -0.1%. The Transports settled -0.1%. R2K -0.7%

SPX - daily

VIX - daily


US equities opened a touch higher, but it was enough to print a new hist' high of 5325. The afternoon saw a moderate cooling wave to settle marginally lower at 5297.

Volatility remained crushed, the VIX printing a new multi-month low of 12.33, and settling -0.2% to 12.42.

Frankly, I can barely look! ... but its somewhat inspiring.

*It'd make for one hell of a way to escape a Tsunami.

Extra charts in AH (usually around 5pm EDT) @

Goodnight from London


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